Dec. 26

The tree is empty of Presents, the leftovers fill the fridge, and the excitement is winding down. For many people this can become a very sentimental, sad time, since the “Most wonderful time of the year” is over. I don’t think this should be the case. I think there is so much pressure for Christmas to be perfect that when it over its like life it self is over. Maybe that a bit of an exaggeration……but I think instead the 26th is a great time to look ahead and start deciding what you are going to do with your year  to come. So instead of getting down in the dumps, start getting motivated!

1.Make a bunch of to-do lists

2.Clean out you closet (to make room for all those new clothes)

3. Experiment with your leftovers

4. Get out side and just take a walk and talk to yourself, sounds creepy but getting the things out of your head and into the world, can be very therapeutic.

5. Journal anything or everything on you mind.

Get out there, and conquer the day!



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