2016: Lessons Learned

I have stepped away from this blog for a while, as life became busier and priorities shifted. But I am not one to give up on something that has helped, and blessed me as much as starting this blog has. 2016 has been a year like no other and I wouldn’t change anything about it, but I have learned soooo many lesson through it. This is the perfect time for me to review, and encourage you with the lessons I have learned through this important season of my life.

Being in college feels like living another life and its so weird to see how my life has changed through who I am as a person and as a sinner saved by grace, and while I wish I could say that I was the closest I have ever been with God ending this year, I am not. But lets start back at the beginning. I started this year with a lot of doubt and  insecurity  and questioning God with what he was doing in my life. These questions pushed, pulled, and directed me although out my spring semester and I ended my year mentally, spiritually, and physically drained, and unsure of who I was in Christ.Then right as soon as I finished school I was thrown into summer camp, which is a huge part of what I learned this year.

This summer I spent some of the sweetest moments just basking in Gods presence. Yeah, a lot of it was busyness, craziness, and insane fun, but through it all I stumbled upon the goodness of  God and found that he had been with me the whole time just waiting for me to be still and seek him out. Don’t even get me started on the amazing people that came into my life during this season, my heart just sighs a little inside thinking about the beautiful hearts I got to meet and connect more deeply with more than anyone else in my life.  I like to look at my life in seasons, I never know when one is going to end, change, or start again, But that season of summer was by far one of the best ones I have ever had.

Then 2 weeks after camp I went straight into my 2nd year of college, and I definitely thought I was prepared, but slowly realized I wasn’t. lol. Education is no easy major but one that I learned was worth it. I may have had a few breakdown, and anxiety attacks, and none of my priorities in line, I loved every minute of the time I spent with little heads and hearts. When you are on the path God wants you on you will know it and joy and peace will follow, and even through the insanity I know I am on Gods path. With that content heart I ended this year, with the 4 weeks of freedom (the longest amount of time at home this whole year!, which is insane) and while I could talk for paragraphs more about how I have found the best of friends and roommates, or how much I am forever grateful for how being a Younglife leader has changed my life, I won’t….for now…. Overall, I guess I just wanna end with this. God is in every minute of every day, we are imperfect creations, and as so we need to be still and find God in our every day because, YOU are FREE and YOU are LOVED ALWAYS by the God of the universe.



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