It’s Christmas time Again

So even though this time of year contains stress, finals, and a lot of traffic. It is a time that only comes once a year so its important to make the most out of it. So here are some easy ways to put the craziness behind you, and enjoy this time of the year a little more.

  1. Play Christmas music! (Ok ovi. right?) but actually music can change your mood and give you a pep in your step. Here are just 3 of My Favorite Christmas Albums you can find on Spotify!
  • Michael bublé Christmas
  • A Johnnyswim Christmas
  •  Bing Crosby – ‘White Christmas’ (1945)

2.Put your Pinterest to work! Make a festive treat or maybe a DIY!

3.Make Homemade Cards! This one will take more time, but for me at least, it is so much fun and I know that Homemade cards can mean so much more.

4. Have a Christmas Party, or my personal Fav! A Christmas Girls Night! Bake cookies, pamper yourself, watch a Christmas movie, and just enjoy time with friends.

5. {Decorate} Its blows my mind how much money people put into Christmas Décor, when honestly you can DIY or find adorable stuff just from your dollar store or Thrift shop! Here are some of my Fav. Easy DIYs

Homemade Christmas trees

Paper Christmas lights

Random Extras





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