new year

Every year we are spammed with the idea of ” New year: New You! This year will change your life!” Resolutions and gym membership deals! While we are always hopeful that this might be the year that we keep our resolution, lets be honest it probably isn’t? Those resolutions get pushed to the side when “real life” hits us again. Instead of setting myself up for failure, and disappointment, at the beginning of a new year I make goals for myself. Things that are simple and small but things I can work up to not get done right now. So just like last year, here I am to share my Goals for 2017.

  1. Spend TIME building relationships { over the past year I have been learning a lot about relationships with people. One of my biggest take away from this is that sometime relationships take time, but they are worth it. I like results, but that is just not how people work.
  2. Challenge Myself { I am not big on putting myself out “their”, as the saying goes. So this year I know I need to work on making myself uncomfortable. But even though that uncomfort is hard, it always breed positive effects!
  3. Save more money {I’m not awful at this one, but I have some pretty big purchases coming up this year and this is one that was a necessity for me}
  4. Spend less time on social media { this is one that I have been slowly weaning myself off of over time and still am working off of, but especially with being so busy recently social media has just become more stressful to me?}
  5. Pray more and with more purpose {being in touch to Christ means we have to be in constant communication with him, and that has been lacking in my life recently, so this year I plan on purposeful prayer.

Evaluate were you want to be and set your goals, Not just at the beginning of the year but in your heart each day! Good luck!

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together





2016: Lessons Learned

I have stepped away from this blog for a while, as life became busier and priorities shifted. But I am not one to give up on something that has helped, and blessed me as much as starting this blog has. 2016 has been a year like no other and I wouldn’t change anything about it, but I have learned soooo many lesson through it. This is the perfect time for me to review, and encourage you with the lessons I have learned through this important season of my life.

Being in college feels like living another life and its so weird to see how my life has changed through who I am as a person and as a sinner saved by grace, and while I wish I could say that I was the closest I have ever been with God ending this year, I am not. But lets start back at the beginning. I started this year with a lot of doubt and  insecurity  and questioning God with what he was doing in my life. These questions pushed, pulled, and directed me although out my spring semester and I ended my year mentally, spiritually, and physically drained, and unsure of who I was in Christ.Then right as soon as I finished school I was thrown into summer camp, which is a huge part of what I learned this year.

This summer I spent some of the sweetest moments just basking in Gods presence. Yeah, a lot of it was busyness, craziness, and insane fun, but through it all I stumbled upon the goodness of  God and found that he had been with me the whole time just waiting for me to be still and seek him out. Don’t even get me started on the amazing people that came into my life during this season, my heart just sighs a little inside thinking about the beautiful hearts I got to meet and connect more deeply with more than anyone else in my life.  I like to look at my life in seasons, I never know when one is going to end, change, or start again, But that season of summer was by far one of the best ones I have ever had.

Then 2 weeks after camp I went straight into my 2nd year of college, and I definitely thought I was prepared, but slowly realized I wasn’t. lol. Education is no easy major but one that I learned was worth it. I may have had a few breakdown, and anxiety attacks, and none of my priorities in line, I loved every minute of the time I spent with little heads and hearts. When you are on the path God wants you on you will know it and joy and peace will follow, and even through the insanity I know I am on Gods path. With that content heart I ended this year, with the 4 weeks of freedom (the longest amount of time at home this whole year!, which is insane) and while I could talk for paragraphs more about how I have found the best of friends and roommates, or how much I am forever grateful for how being a Younglife leader has changed my life, I won’t….for now…. Overall, I guess I just wanna end with this. God is in every minute of every day, we are imperfect creations, and as so we need to be still and find God in our every day because, YOU are FREE and YOU are LOVED ALWAYS by the God of the universe.


Simple Things

Life isn’t always about the defining moments. We all have moments, that we look back on and know *that* defined me. But sitting here on the top floor of my library, listening to Coldplay and drinking Iced Coffee, I realize that that the moments that we should live for are the simple ones. Like the one I am having now. I don’t think it is the idea of treating yourself, as much as the idea that you need to find the simple things, that God sends us each day, to remind us that we are watched over and loved. If you ever think that you are not loved, just walk outside and look around.The God who died for you, also sends you simple reminders each day,to show the extent of his love. So this may be something you already know…so to you, DONT FORGET IT. To the one who is feeling unloved, I am here to tell you, you are sooooooo Loved, just look at the World Christ created for you, and always enjoy the JOY of the simple things.

You Got this!

I will defiantly admit that these past few weeks have been some of the most stressful weeks of my life, but I am reaching the light at the end of the tunnel! Life is crazy but so worth, taking each day as a new adventure. So here are some of the things that have gotten me through and I hope they help some of y’all too!

  1. MUSIC- I’m pretty sure I try and solve every problem with music! LOL but honestly music can easily change your attitude, so put on some Beyonce and Run the world!
  2. Get outside, Here in VA the weather has just started to warm up and it is such a day changer, if it is warm where you live, get outside every opportunity you can!
  3. Give yourself a break! Mental, Physically, emotional,..make it a priority to take a break!
  4. Plan your day, the night before write out your schedule for the next day, so you are not freaking out trying to remember what you have too do {plus it is super fulfilling to cross off all the things you have accomplished.}
  5. Don’t skip out on human interaction, I am a very introverted person so when I am stressed I tend to avoid people, but I have realized that talking, laughing, and just hanging out with people, really distresses me, and helps me remember I’m not the only one hanging by a thread.

So don’t worry! your not the only one barely holding on to this thing we call life, conquer each day, and remember that YOU GOT THIS!!




Conversation Hearts

The title is kinda a play on words, since i’m not actually going to talk about conversation hearts……instead we are going to have a conversation about the Heart. First off, I completely understand how your feeling (being recently brokenhearted myself)…….left out of the romantic day of the year…… (for all you beautiful couples, enjoy the day, just don’t make the rest of us sick, lol) Valentines day for most of my generation, has seemed to lose its meaning, we are missing the point. While we are being blasted with #singlesawareness #imsosingle  #goals and don’t even get me started on all the pictures of couple gifts with everyone trying to one up each other.We have made Valentines selfish and self centered. It is suppose to be a day to celebrate ALL the people you love in your life. So why are we all feeling so lonely when we are surround by people that love us. We need to get our heads out the cloud and realize the amazing people that have been placed in our lives. Today is about the love you have in your life not the relationship your in. Enjoy the day and LOVE on EVERYONE around you!

Love Always,


p.s here are somethings and people i love




Time to clean out

While sitting in my cozy room, watching the clean white snow fall….(and may I say there is a lot of it)……I have really been taking account of what in my life needs to stay or be cleaned out. While I have been cleaning out a lot of material things, I have also been realizing the importance to daily cleaning out your heart. We can hold bitterness, anger, jealousy, stress, revenge, and even heartache. These bundled up emotions can poison your attitude and your perception of the day. So I have taken on the challenge to wake up each morning with a clean heart and slate each day. There is a prayer in psalms that I have made my morning encouragement, and motivation.

     Create in me a pure heart, O God,
    and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Psalms 51:10

I hope you also take this verse to heart and apply it too your mornings and life, because I promise it will improve your day, and your relationships with the people around you.

(Always, Hayley)