You Got this!

I will defiantly admit that these past few weeks have been some of the most stressful weeks of my life, but I am reaching the light at the end of the tunnel! Life is crazy but so worth, taking each day as a new adventure. So here are some of the things that have gotten me through and I hope they help some of y’all too!

  1. MUSIC- I’m pretty sure I try and solve every problem with music! LOL but honestly music can easily change your attitude, so put on some Beyonce and Run the world!
  2. Get outside, Here in VA the weather has just started to warm up and it is such a day changer, if it is warm where you live, get outside every opportunity you can!
  3. Give yourself a break! Mental, Physically, emotional,..make it a priority to take a break!
  4. Plan your day, the night before write out your schedule for the next day, so you are not freaking out trying to remember what you have too do {plus it is super fulfilling to cross off all the things you have accomplished.}
  5. Don’t skip out on human interaction, I am a very introverted person so when I am stressed I tend to avoid people, but I have realized that talking, laughing, and just hanging out with people, really distresses me, and helps me remember I’m not the only one hanging by a thread.

So don’t worry! your not the only one barely holding on to this thing we call life, conquer each day, and remember that YOU GOT THIS!!





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