Simple Things

Life isn’t always about the defining moments. We all have moments, that we look back on and know *that* defined me. But sitting here on the top floor of my library, listening to Coldplay and drinking Iced Coffee, I realize that that the moments that we should live for are the simple ones. Like the one I am having now. I don’t think it is the idea of treating yourself, as much as the idea that you need to find the simple things, that God sends us each day, to remind us that we are watched over and loved. If you ever think that you are not loved, just walk outside and look around.The God who died for you, also sends you simple reminders each day,to show the extent of his love. So this may be something you already know…so to you, DONT FORGET IT. To the one who is feeling unloved, I am here to tell you, you are sooooooo Loved, just look at the World Christ created for you, and always enjoy the JOY of the simple things.


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