new year

Every year we are spammed with the idea of ” New year: New You! This year will change your life!” Resolutions and gym membership deals! While we are always hopeful that this might be the year that we keep our resolution, lets be honest it probably isn’t? Those resolutions get pushed to the side when “real life” hits us again. Instead of setting myself up for failure, and disappointment, at the beginning of a new year I make goals for myself. Things that are simple and small but things I can work up to not get done right now. So just like last year, here I am to share my Goals for 2017.

  1. Spend TIME building relationships { over the past year I have been learning a lot about relationships with people. One of my biggest take away from this is that sometime relationships take time, but they are worth it. I like results, but that is just not how people work.
  2. Challenge Myself { I am not big on putting myself out “their”, as the saying goes. So this year I know I need to work on making myself uncomfortable. But even though that uncomfort is hard, it always breed positive effects!
  3. Save more money {I’m not awful at this one, but I have some pretty big purchases coming up this year and this is one that was a necessity for me}
  4. Spend less time on social media { this is one that I have been slowly weaning myself off of over time and still am working off of, but especially with being so busy recently social media has just become more stressful to me?}
  5. Pray more and with more purpose {being in touch to Christ means we have to be in constant communication with him, and that has been lacking in my life recently, so this year I plan on purposeful prayer.

Evaluate were you want to be and set your goals, Not just at the beginning of the year but in your heart each day! Good luck!

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together