Conversation Hearts

The title is kinda a play on words, since i’m not actually going to talk about conversation hearts……instead we are going to have a conversation about the Heart. First off, I completely understand how your feeling (being recently brokenhearted myself)…….left out of the romantic day of the year…… (for all you beautiful couples, enjoy the day, just don’t make the rest of us sick, lol) Valentines day for most of my generation, has seemed to lose its meaning, we are missing the point. While we are being blasted with #singlesawareness #imsosingle  #goals and don’t even get me started on all the pictures of couple gifts with everyone trying to one up each other.We have made Valentines selfish and self centered. It is suppose to be a day to celebrate ALL the people you love in your life. So why are we all feeling so lonely when we are surround by people that love us. We need to get our heads out the cloud and realize the amazing people that have been placed in our lives. Today is about the love you have in your life not the relationship your in. Enjoy the day and LOVE on EVERYONE around you!

Love Always,


p.s here are somethings and people i love





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