^^How to Get up on the Right side of the Bed^^

The saying goes that if you are having a bad day you must have gotten up on the “wrong side of the bed.”While there really isn’t a right or wrong side of the bed, How you wake up in the morning really can be  important to how the rest of your day goes! So even though I don’t always wake up in a happy mood every morning, ( especially when I am way to tired and my bed is way to warm. lol.) It still feels great waking up in a good mood! So here are some of the tips and tricks….

1.) Get at least 8 hrs of sleep~ Ya, ya I know it sounds impossible, but don’t worry I’m a college student,  I understand the struggle, Just try your best 🙂

2.) Once you have decided to sleep…SLEEP~ There are a bunch of studies on how you shouldn’t look at your phone an hour before bed, but lets be honest…..Who actually does that? So instead, once you decide to go to sleep,SLEEP! don’t look at your phone until the morning.

3) Wake up 45 min to an hour before you have to be anywhere~ this kinda all depends on how long it takes you to get beautified, but at  least give yourself an hour to let your body wake up, and give yourself a relaxing start to the day.

4) Eat your breakfast while doing something you love~ Eating breakfast is soooooo important, so even those who don’t have a lot of time, Multi- task. Do sometime you love……… Read a book, listen to music, read your Bible, or write down your thoughts for the day.

5.) Plan ahead~ lay out your clothes, or just think through your outfit for the next day

***Quick tip**** by organizing your closest by Shirts, pants, skirts, jackets, ect…… will really help you get ready faster in the morning, just grab and go.

I can’t promise that this will make every morning magically perfect, but taking small steps to improve your day should start by improving your mornings.



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