Fall is by far the best and most amazing times of the year for me, whether it is the cozy sweaters, the pumpkin flavored everything, brisk mornings, jazz music, and my favorite holiday!even though in some places it seems as if fall is already over and the aroma of winter is right around the corner. Before we turn this corner, I want to give my top things I love to do in the fall.

  1. Take a Hike!  Literally, hiking is so relaxing and defiantly the best way to see all the fall colors and transformations.
  2. Fall Clean! Even though spring cleaning is also great, I seem to get all of my best cleaning and organization done on chilly fall weekends when all I want to do is stay inside and cozy up in my room.
  3. Bake something new! Pinterest is defiantly one of my guilty pleasures, and there are sooo many amazing looking things to try, so stop pinning and start experimenting.
  4. Find a new coffee shop! If you are a coffee addict like me you cave for a Pumpkin spice drink every time, and while Starbucks does is pretty well, get local and try out a coffee shop near you, it might surprise you.
  5. Wear a turtle neck. Okay, Okay they may not be for everyone, but like the saying says don’t knock it til you try it. I have found an obsession and I hope you do too 😉

Always, Hayley


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