{Sentimental Sunday}

I love to travel. As much as I would love to travel the world, that just not an option for me right now in my life,plus this gives me just as much of a rush. There are so many undiscovered adventures all over the US! I love the thrill of discovering beautiful little towns, sites, and adventures. This summer I went to Michigan, so without further ado here are some of my treasures……..

**Roger City, MI**

IMG_20150707_152003314   IMG_20150707_153713928  IMG_20150707_152527380IMG_20150707_153157896IMG_20150707_152714412IMG_20150707_152444485

**Millersburg, MI**

IMG_20150705_195242441 IMG_20150707_193439657 IMG_20150707_193544470 IMG_20150707_193918557 IMG_20150707_194033012 IMG_20150707_194531168 IMG_20150709_162303437 IMG_20150704_162812

**Petoskey, MI**

IMG_20150706_162411333 IMG_20150706_162618800 IMG_20150706_170200283 IMG_20150706_170257694 IMG_20150706_170555217_HDR IMG_20150706_170646321 IMG_20150706_170702899_HDR IMG_20150706_172455

**Mackinaw Island, MI**

IMG_20150708_101051755  IMG_20150708_104905399IMG_20150708_101606786 IMG_20150708_105911103 IMG_20150708_115953789IMG_20150708_112556357 IMG_20150708_112753225  IMG_20150708_120239832_HDR IMG_20150708_135922528IMG_20150708_120305041_HDR IMG_20150708_120404810 IMG_20150708_122200710  IMG_20150708_144335314

I hope these inspire and dare you to get out and discover your own adventure!



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