My Summer as a Camp Counselor

Being a Camp Counselor and pouring Gods love into children is one of the best and most fulfilling experiences of my life. It is something that every one should do. It helps grow and mold you in ways you wouldn’t imagine. So if you will become one is the future or have in the past here are some things that I have noticed, learned and loved about my camp life.

1. Knowing you will see people for an entire summer makes it a lot easier to get to know people

2. Athletic shorts, t-shirts, and French braids are a lifestyle

3.Poop is an easy everyday conversation

4. If someone wears Makeup or jeans everyone will notice and ask you why!

5. Camp songs will constantly, and I mean constantly, stuck in your head

6. If one person gets sick, there is no hope, everyone gets sick

7. There is no such thing as personal space

8. You will grow bonds with people that you can’t find anywhere else

9. Homesickness is considered a bad word to never be used in front of campers

10. You will never forget the weekend adventures you went on.

11. When you leave you have at least a week of recovery, from camp withdrawls

I hope you enjoy a little summary of all the amazing things that are camp.



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