Welcome to New York, Its been waiting for you!!


My recent trip to the City has made this Country Girl, learn to love the City! Even though there is a lot of people, pollution, and Cold. Its a City you soon won’t forget. New York has its own atmosphere and attitude that makes it perfectly incredible to experience. So here are my Top 5 things you must visit that cost nothing!

1) Central Park, is a wonderland of Gods Creation and will cost you nothing for a Day full of fun.

2) The Plaza Hotel is a place that if you love Eloise as much as I do you don’t want to miss, and even if you don’t know who Eloise is, First off your crazy, but honestly it a beautiful Hotel with lots to see.

3)Times square will blow you mind, the light, the people, and the stores are just as exciting as people say it are.

4) The Stanton Island Commuter Ferry is the best way to see the Statue of Liberty and if you want to see everything New York had to offer then this is the most comfortable, free way to do it.

5) New York Public Library has some of the most Beautiful Architecture I have seen and especially during Christmastime when all there trees and lights are out.

Hope you Enjoy your Trip as Much as I did,



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